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Monday, 30 May 2011

I am a material girl...!sings MADONNA

If you are crazy about materials you would have certainly have experience what i had a couple of weeks ago..I was shopping for table cloth, hand-towels and aprons......yeh!i heard someone saying why didn't i just sew one for myself...even if i can sew them that do not stop me from buying beautiful ones that attract my attention off the shelves from the stores ...just for the kicks!huhuhu...

So back to the main story....i found a beautiful ready-made  table- cloth  but unfortunately there was none in the size that i want.The ones available was for a table for two.But since i was already totally hook on it i was adamant to buy.And since it did not fit any of my table,neither at the work - station nor at home, i made 2 bags out of it.

The fabric has large pink flowers with a dark brown background.I played around with pink polka dots and blue checks for each of the bags.I didn't get to buy any towels  or apron though but was happy and contented with my material find and the 2 bags that i made.

Friday, 27 May 2011

A bed full of ROSES...

Its Friday again .Over the week i have been preoccupied making my small renovated room at home livable.This small petit room serves almost every soul in this house..My youngest son who studies in Kuantan and comes back fortnightly likes to spent hours plucking his guitar.Mr Eldest pulak like to snooze about an hour in the late evening just after work with the air-cond full blast.The only person who do not fancy this room like"chicken-coop" is probably my dearest hubby.

Today i manage to complete the sofa bed cover.I did not like the original black and white cover which came from the furniture shop..I wanted to 'paint' this room with happy cheerfull color to fit my happy nature.Now come take a look...

I think a long mirror in front of the bed will be another "must have" soon.

While shopping for the sofa material a couple of days ago i was hooked on to a patchwork like material which reminds me of a baby quilt i saw over the blogland.So i grab about 2 meters of each design and made a small size quilt fit to be used as baby changing mat.

Oh Yeh!...its reversible too...Manage to make a small diaper bag to complement the set.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

More white updates.

I have been very passionate with the color white lately,memang obsess sangat dengan putih salju..not so much for curtains but more on bed skirting project.During one of my shopping happy hours,which i do almost every week,.searching for curtain ideas and new fabrics i spotted a beautiful lacy material which was at the section for women clothings.I grabbed about 12 meters and they have now turn into a queen size bed skirt with 4 pillows.Here take a look...

Sweet and kind of vintage ...memang dapat ilham dari one of the shabby chic blogs..tapi tak ingat yang mana satu...but definitely from Australia...

Tapi this lace material is from the humble NAGOYA....Yeh!semua orang mampu beli disini...segala2 nye ada..you just need a little creativity and a lot of surfing into the blogland!

Enough of whites..and now for some more solid color..Layan lah pulak my roman blind in BOLD red and brown stripes..

Garang betul!..ekk!This is my small renovated room .I spent an hour or two here to do some quick reading and do my prayers occasionally when my poor tired legs just cannot climb the stairs .There is a sofa bed nearby but is currently under transformation work.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I am having a fling with WHITES

I know that Blogger tengah bengong lately.....and it is affecting my blogging mood too..lebih kurang macam biskut chipsmore dalam TV.....pun da lama tak jelma kat tv..So my posts pun lup lap,lup lap jugak....sekejap bole upload.....pas tu bisu seketika.Even when i am writing this i am having a hassle with the icons ....adeh lintang pukang kat mother board ni.Look i can't move to the next paragraph....haish geram nye!!

Well,while Blogger was in chaos i was busy playing with the color whites...elok jugak  account down seketika...less time on the motherboard means more sewing madness.I have made and completed two queen size bed skirt.Between the two,this white studded with stones were quite challenging to sew as the stones were getting in the way.Whatever made me buy this material.I just have to blame to my adventurous spirit though.Here take a look...

It looks better in real ..whites don't look at all nice in photos....Well i know most of you will question who wants to hibernate on a stone laden quilt..!Oh yeh!Never mind the stones.You can just throw a comfortable quilt on it before you snooze..

Actually this diamond studded bed skirt is for a wedding bedroom...Dare to be different?

Will upload the other white coverlet later.Lets hope i can sign in as easy too later on ..and dear BLOGGER,stop playing around ,go mess up somebody else's blog ok...and give me a rest!

Friday, 20 May 2011

I am so happy that i can now sign in to my dearest blog..

It has been quite a while since my last update.No fault of mine actually.Syukur now that i am slowly getting back my blogging mood.Well lets celeberate my recharged blogging  mood by looking at this quran.

I made two quran cover for sil Yatee..A simple one in roses and a more detailed sleeve with compartments to house her phone and a pen perhaps.Here take a look..

I also made a a telekung sejadah bag that can fit this quran so well....

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I am slowly getting back my routine life.

At last i am enjoying cutting curtain materials leisurely and also gathering scraps to continue my bag making adventure  without anymore interruptions from the house contractors.Am also happy that the renovation works at home was completed within the stipulated time ...3 weeks aje..dah tu ruang yang nak di ubah-suai pun cenonit aje kan...Tapi kecik-kecik pun it is quite a comfortable space for my work studio at home .....connected to the kitchen pulak tu..Come let me take you on a short tour...kakaka...but the place is not furnished yet...sebab dah kehabisan  pilus .....

The folding door that separates the room from the main living

As you enter...tarah.........the petit room..can you imagine my two sewing machine place side by side.
If you walk further in there is a small door connecting to the extended kitchen
The yet to be furnish kitchen-launderette area.
And not forgetting the small size toilet.
A view from the inside of the room over looking the main living.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A telekung bag for dear sis in law YATI

I made this multi- purpose bag for dearest SIL who has left for Mecca last saturday.She will be performing her Umrah for 11 days.This bag is quite roomy and can house a telekung set ,the quran and a sejadah .Apparently i made a small sejadah muka to match  this bag.This bag sells like hot goreng pisang during the months of Shaaban and Ramadhan.

Come take a look.

.I used a hard interfacing to give the bag  the sturdy look.The flap for the closure has a snap magnetic button.The sejadah muka is resting beneath the bag.,it is quilted to give comfort during sujud.

Monday, 9 May 2011

4 table top covers,4 bolsters,4 square cusions and 1 sofa cover for a lazy chair.

All 4 frilly table tops are for Raja Fadillah.They are made from a 10 meter curtain laces .
A closer look at the double frills..Aren't they just sweet and dainty.

4 bolster for Suzannah
4 square cusions also for Suzannah
Sofa cover for Sara's lazy chair.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Part Two....RIBBONS

Here are my favourite size ribbons.

The extreme left in blue and long tail is great for picture frames..whilst the red and purple ribbons are embellishments for tie backs..The green measuring 6 inchs x  4 inch are for valance like the tango bells valance.

These are some examples of tie backs with ribbons adorn on them.