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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Warming up for Jom Amy Butler Sew Along-1st update


Time length: 1st MAY - 31st MAY 2012


Week 1 (1/5 - 7/5)

1. Study Pattern and instructions
2. Collect Materials/Fabrics
3. Showcase fabric combo

Week 2 (8/5 - 14/5)

1. Cut fabric and interfacing
2. Iron interfacing
3. Showcase progress

Week 3 (15/5 - 21/5)

1. Sewing

Week 4 (22/5 - 28/5)

1. Sewing

Showcase Final Product : 29/5 - 31/5

It has been awhile since i last sew a bag.Good thing my friends in facebook has organised a sew along.Good
timing .I am quite in the mood to do some bag making.So today i startet of by photostating the template and
enlarged Amy's tutorial.Her tiny winy fonts are not kind to my eyes.So i took the liberty to photostat the book.

The template has been photostat and the tutorials enlarged
I have also chosen the materials.I like to do things even before the stipulated time as
i fear i might be busy during the early week of May and miss all the datelines..i have chosen heavy decorative chennile in maroon for exterior and plain cotton red polka dot for the lining.All materials are gathered from left overs curtain projects from bygone days.I am using dark colors to play save..sometimes my stitches just go wonky.....The next hurdle would be to digest ..(baca dah banyak kali...dah stuck kat bahagian how to sew the hip.)Amy's tutorial..I must definitely tag along closely with friends on facebook..

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Teachers Rekod Book Cover

This is a repeat order from Puan Normah Musa.
Red floral

Turquoise Blue

I have added a velcro closure as per request.