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Thursday, 30 June 2011

My neglected blog

Looks like my small space here has been a wee bit lonesome.I shouldn't have started this blog in the first place.My frustration with BLOGGER forced me to..Anyway since i have started this blog i might as well go with it.

It is has been a lovely thursday...After 3 continuous day receiving visits from customers,i enjoy a quiet thursday.A lovely day for me is being able to stay at my work station the whole day and watch my girls work .At the same time  rummage through my piles of scraps. I am happy that a set of curtains are ready ,more rice cooker cozy are peeping through and a bag with a recessed zip .hahaha recessed zips has always been a nightmare for me....not anymore ..thanx to Shima for making recess zips a breeze..

Curtains and some cusions ready
The rice cooker cozy
A simple bag with...

Recess zip

Saturday, 25 June 2011

My smallest scrap basket prettily dress up...

A sunday update...I am in a good mood!

Here is my basket after dress up .... minus the scraps!

After this makeover this pretty little thing is staying on my coffee table top...with bottle of knickknacks to chew while i put on my thinking cap and let the creative juices flow.....a basket of inspiration...

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Quran cosy and sejadah bag

Didn't i tell you that these two things are hot items on sale.Buat lah dalam kain ape pun ,they just fly away before i could even clean the little threads ..hmmmm.Ade customer sampai offer to trim the edges at home as long as she get to grab it home right away...but i don't give any discount for help as they are sold at such reasonable price..!I manage to snap the photos for my album though....

I think i better start cooking more of these bags and cozies as my customers never seem to have  enough of them ...Happy weekend all!!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Her new curtains looks like the old ones but in a different color tone..

Remember my previous post about an old used curtain up for sale?Well the owner decided to keep them ..after a good wash the curtains looks more radiant..talk about things looking more fabulous over the years and after several wash..But somehow i feel the real reason could be that she is too attach to the color green..which is the color of the old curtain..Here take a look at the new ones just hung this morning.

Pencil pleated valance and french pleated backdrop.
She bought the material at NAGOYA.It was love at first sight,she said..But after being hung she screamed "Yikes.!it look s horrid..I don't like the shining effect when the lights are turn on!What ever  made me chose this color.Arrrrgh!"

And my response,"Don't worry too much.You will get use to 
the color.It is like wearing a new spectacle with a different power.Just a matter of time to adjust.Well its love at first sight  isn't it?..

Any way ,these curtains are up for sale..at a price of RM600..It fits a sliding door of size 10 ft. X 7 ft.

On another related issue is the prayer room which i did about couple of years ago..The nights curtain(which i sewed last 2 years) are in stunning maroon..pelmet valance in cheerful yellow(done by another person who also did a good job on the walls and the sofa) and a curtain lace which she bought ready made many years ago during her stay in London..The soft cosy ambiance just made me want to linger longer ....

Sorry for the bad photos..The sun was shining loud and stark.!.the photos were bad with lights on.I had no choice but to snap without the lights an totally rely on my flash.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Beautiful used curtains for sale..

A good customer of mine is renovating her house and would like to make new curtains to match her newly painted walls.The old ones which has been gracing her sliding door for a good 6 years is now up for sale.The valance is in pencil pleat with 7 V scallops and tassels at the edge of the V.The night curtain is in french pleats.Both valance and night curtains are in blue greenish color.The material is in heavy damask.I managed to wiggle through the crammed living and due to the shifting of furniture to make way for the reno which is in progress grab a photo..so take a look:

The size of the ready curtain is 10ft(width) x 7ft (height)

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The tailor chalk spoiled my beautiful lace..Haish

Notice the stubborn yellow stain made by the tailor's chalk.?
No problem.I made 6 ribbons to hide the stain..But i felt cheated..because the chalk is suppose to be easily brush off and it cost twice the normal chalk.