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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Reversible bag

The cosmo bag in reversible style...The fabric for this project was cut in February and left unattended for so long.Today i managed to complete the giant bag.This bag is very roomy, can haul many things.This time i used light weight cotton stabilizer for almost 90% of the bag except for the base which is interfaced using hard stabilizer to give the bag a good stand up form.Good as a  diaper bag,the beach bag,gymn bag,throw-everything-in-it bag....long list 

This is how the bag looks before attaching the front flap closure and the button
The reverse side...the inside is out now..
Four large pockets inside..
Two side pockets
Now the bag has a flap and button front.
Do e-mail me at rosnijamal@yahoo.com if you are interested to order for your loved ones...  

This bag is getting easier to make by the day..and after making 6 bags of its kind i know the reason why..Practise makes perfect...

Some tips to share...

 be sure to use soft light weight interfacing for easy handling during turnover,although i still prefer hard interfacing as the bag looks more solid and stands up better after a grieved struggle during turnover.. 

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

On some bag issues....

Since ramadan is crawling near as always the demand for my all purpose bag "telekung"is on the rise.I wish i could cope with all the request(s).,but since my main focus is still curtain making i have to restrict my bag sewing venture.They are all simple tote bags and easy to make within 2 hours.But still all my bags are runaway projects and i really enjoy making from the complicated COSMOS to the simple rectangle/square bags....they are so much fun to sew ,especially when the materials are equally gorgeous...Manage to make 2 bags today..

This bag has snap button closure up front..and a conceal zip on top..

Very roomy on the inside.

All bags ranges from RM35 to RM180 per bag depending on the complexity in the making and grade of batting materials used..Do e-mail me at rosnijamal@yahoo.com if you are interested to order for your loved ones...

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Some yummy cozies in progress

In hot chilli red...materials..apple red are Bellaboo bought at Dchomel,black dots for the piping from nagoya,plain red from tejani holding..

All ready cut..
All ready quilted
This toaster cover is done..
The blender cozy still need some touching up at the binding..

Friday, 18 May 2012

The Owl Baby Quilt

The baby quilt is finally done...

Can use whichever way...both sides are equally beautiful to look at..Alin...i hope you like it and thanx for this order...

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Baby on the go set..

There is a new product which i am trying to market.But i do not keep stock and only supply on demand.If you are interested please e mail me for details..Price starts from RM250..And here is the sample...

Materials are Bellaboo bought at Dchomel

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Cosmo diaper bag for Nur Amalina....

After some thought i have chosen Amy Butler's Cosmo Bag in size XL to do the diaper bag for Alin..She said that she need a bag which is much bigger than the previous one that i made since she will need to bring along two baby things once the second baby is born in August.I think her eldest is going to be 2 years old,,But i did some modifications to Amy's template on the side pockets and perhaps will include a zipper closure on the top....
The exterior is ready

Pocket with magnetic snap button.

Expandable side pockets.I modified the side pockets to make room for baby bottles..

The exterior is ready..on the background..My next attempt is to work  on the interior fabric on the foreground.Will include a zipper opening as per request..
I think i will just show the first bag i made for Alin last year...thanx Alin for sharing the photos..

It has a cover on top
Quilted on the oiutside and interfaced on the inside.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Toddler quilt in a handsome bag..

Quilted on the outside...come and view the quilt here and here.

And what makes this beg special is it is reversible..

View on the inside..just interfacing..
Now the outside becomes the inside..hahaha

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Jom Amy Butler Sew Along-final episode

The thrilling part of this bag making is attaching the lining to the exterior ...

lining on the left and exterior on the right.

the exterior slides into the lining

and voila...its done..

Jom Amy Butler Sew Along-2nd update

Today i managed to read and focus on AMY'S tutorial and quite happy that i have finished and completed the Tear Drop Bag in size L...

Best scissors for clipping..

To be continued.....