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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Teachers Rekod Book Cover

These orders are from Jitra Kedah....2 sets of rekod book covers..simple,no quilt no batting....

Puan Norma Musa i hope you like it.Not too sure of the length of the handles.But i think this looks ok.
The cosmo bag (my version..hihihi which is actually a marriage between Amy's Cosmo and Lisa's bucket)is also done..

So Puan Norma i will get the bucket stripes bag done and post to you both in one delivery..Stay tune for updates ya...

Monday, 27 February 2012

A pouch to house my telekung..

It has been soooo long since i made my last bag.Blame it to my busy (haha)schedule.So today in between cutting curtains an attending to customer(only 2 today...oh yes!business is crawling)i managed to cheer my monday with a simple pouch  for holding my telekung aka prayer attire..I got inspired from Jeni's blog here.

And in the meantime i am still working on another huge cosmo bag..Well i just manage to cut,iron on interfacing ..and the rest will just have to wait.I
wonder when i can continue...

I will keep on sewing this giant till perfection...to my standard of course..

Sunday, 5 February 2012

The bag which did not turn out as planned...

While trying to put the final touches on this kangaroo pocket bag i accidentaly tersnip off the top border in pink..just a tiny winy bite but it was enough to scar the bag.And since i was rather short of pink i finally finished off the top in the same fabric as the border for the interior pockets..

In small version

The size is little bit expanded when the snap button is release

I was inspired to try the kangaroo pockets while i visited Me Sew Crazy.
But of course i had to modify a bit to suit my mediocre sewing skill.The sweet pleats on Jessica's cosmo bag really frightened me off although i was quite confident that if i had tried it will turn out just as well as the tutorial was crystal clear.But i am quite happy as the bag turn out pretty neat even without the pleats.The finish size is 21 inches wide x 12 inches height.When the magnetic buttons are snapped on both sides of the pockets the width is reduced at 14 inches.The shoulder handles are 22 inches.Will definitely have a go at the pleats in my later bag projects.
Oh yes!as usual my bags are all huge,quilted on the outside with loads of rectangle
pockets,...4 on the outside and 4 on the inside.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My first kangaroo pocket..

I like big bags because i always have a lot of things to haul to my office.But how many does a woman really need to have ehh...but i think its ok as long as you don't spend too much money while in the making process.I wanted to try something different as i was bored making the same rectangle pockets ..So lahir lah poket kangaroo nih....

Still not ready yet...

The handles and top border still in pins

The 4 interior pockets
Just another session to finish it off.I got inspired to do the pocket here.

About two days ago i lost some sleep trying to finish this gigantic bag....

The button side....

The other side

The side pockets

More colorful interior pockets..
I need more practise at the handles.My stitches are all bruised..Haiyah!!