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Nykolett Interior Decor
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Friday, 19 April 2013

Testing,testing...My first bag with piping at gussets...

I love making bags with gussets at the sides and bottom.Somehow it gives the bag a sturdy boxy look and not forgetting the extra space which increase the capacity of the bag. This type of bags are favorites among my usrah friends..But today i have included pipings at the gussets..It is not difficult to do but involve extra steps.This particular bag took a good solid 2 hours to complete sewing excluding cutting and ironing which was done a few days ago..

Side with pocket
And when fully loaded...my tab,camera and chargers for hp and tab

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A small diaper bag for a friend of Farah Dinah

Remember this bag i made a couple of months ago?Well my niece,Farah Dinah bought it and brought to her office a week ago. Her friend wanted one just like hers..But as always i will never make 2 bags that are identical,maybe look the same but not exactly alike...and voila...

well lets just say both this bags are sisters..i no longer have this block- of- building fabric any more in stock..