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Monday, 22 August 2011

My gigantic Cosmo bag is a disaster.

I babble about my venture into  making of this huge bag here .Unfortunately i could not comprehend the last stage of the tutorial where i need to attach the lining and the main bag exterior.And the thick interfacing made things more difficult and i ended hand stitched all round the handle..And the end product looks devastating.I will definitely try again..in the near future..hahaha making this bag using the normal paper gum interfacing instead of this thick interfacing..I think i prefer the more softer texture of the bag as oppose to the so stiff baggy look using thick interfacing which i did with this one.It is so challenging..Here take a look at the Monster..
Pathetic looking handles....half way are machine stitch and hand-stitched at certain thick corners.. huhuhu

This bag is now housing my scraps...No way i am hauling this bag with me..What a shame.I started making in high spirits but am now disappointed with the final stages.

Better luck next time.....no!i am not giving up,thats for sure..Will try to digest Amy's tutorial again and again and again..just like i did all the cutting and cutting ,fusing and fusing....

Thursday, 11 August 2011

A house for my magazines.

I have been neglecting this blog quite too often.Blame it all on my tight schedule trying to get all orders done before dd day....Hari Raya to be specific..and since bag making is just my favorite past time it is always at the end of any of my to-do list every week..I am so happy if i could just sew one measly bag a week just to keep me sane..Somehow when i stop doing something for too long i kind of lost touch of the steps in the making.

While cleaning up my cupboards i found a bolster cover all lonesome..It is in jade green.I must have sold her friends ..the pillow sleeps and the fitted sheet.Somehow the customer did not want the bolster cover..so i ripped off the stitches...am pretty good at this....and used the whole material to create this huge bag.

Plenty of pockets inside and out.Snap buttons on both sides if i need to reduce the size of the bag and use it as a shoulder bag perhaps. ..Enjoy the pics..