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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Frilly Wednesday..

I seem to be on a roll with my infatuation with frills.I was looking for tutorials about dressing up small windows..A small window is just as important as big windows.So never belittle them.These are some of the patterns that look 
 really pretty and can make any small window feeling  proud and maybe a bit sexy!..sorry about the jump!and the broken sentence....unable to rectify..

Two piece single  single ruffle scallop hang side by side.

The single ruffled scallop.The ruffles are made by attaching a 1 inch pencil pleat header with strings at both sides.The ruffles are made by pulling the strings.

And not forgetting the old time favourite..the single scallop with cascade.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Hanging Tuesday...

This is the week ending the month of April.So operasi menggantung langsir telah giat dijalankan pagi ni.Kenapa giat ya...sebab nak kutip duit,bole bayor gaji...hihihi..Come take a peep..

In the Master Bedroom
In the Girl's Room
In the Boy's Room

In the Kitchen

And in the Main Living

And not forgetting ..some WIPs.
Su"s Bed skirting is slowly taking shape.One pillow cover is ready.Beneath is the bed skirt in progress.The grey frill has a rubbery texture.That explains why the piping is a bit crinkel.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Some handmade curtain tie-backs..

For Rina from Sungei Besi....here are some photos of tie backs.

On the extreme right is the interfacing used.It is already  pre-cut from the shop.You can buy at any sewing material shop.Next is the 15 inches tie back with velcro.I  would recomend this type if there is no tie back holder and when customer refuse to have the sides drilled for installing holders.The other two tie backs are the normal ones we sew here in our work station.The 2 inch strips on both ends will give another 4 inches to the whole length of the tie-back.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Messy affair.

This is the problem if the developer make homes without access road at the back.Every walk has to be from the front..

This is the only entrance allowed..There is an  8 ft sliding door at the side but it opens into my beautiful garden..so its out of bounce.I am not putting my garden into any kind of stress for a pathetic reno.
My wet kitchen in progress...
I am giving away this window  for a sliding wooden door..or is it foldable door...undecided yet!

This tiny area will be my extended living aka guest room jugak!
 Hohoho ...the noise is unbearable!I am on my way to my work station for a much peaceful life! So sorry dear neighbors!!

Baby changing mat in brown...finish size 39 inch x 42 inch

Attach a plain border with leaves embossed
And on the other side a floral border in the middle..So difficult to do the center piece.Not so neat work ..
A view of both sides.

Brown patch work material is from NAGOYA.The plain brown jacquard is  ELYZA.The pillow cover is in process.

Monday, 18 April 2011

I wonder if i am doing the right way...

I can't find any blue polka dots in my stash.So i guess this plain blue cotton will do .What is the next step...ehh!Dah keluarkan textile gum..hahaha..........
I promise myself to utilise every thing that is in hand..masa gunting the pieces pakai paper interfacing with iron-on gum on one side..Then i resort to using textile gum to piece them on the actual fabric..Lepas ni nak machine stitch ke?Sure lintang pukang..mahu hancurs!kakaka..Will wait and see huhuhu.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Institution of Engineers,Malaysia...

52nd Annual Dinner & Awards Night...just a few photos to share..We were all too occupied with the mouthwatering food,sexy dancers and the loud music really made any decent conversation impossible..aish!well anyway we all had a great time...

Guests at Table 73..Roslina,,Sharmila.Halim and Shahrul.
Extreme right..Dear Hubby and Me
Center...Rosham and Kamal
The menu....tak dapat nak tayang the actual food as the lights were dim and all of us  were busy digging in..
A view of the ballroom at 8.15 pm..still a lot of empty seats.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Curtain materials at NAGOYA

They are mostly sheers for one living and three bedded double storey link house for Datin Natasha.Will try to post pictures of each fabric in a later post.

Saturday, 9 April 2011


12 EASY WAYS TO 26 WONDERFUL BAGS...buku ini baru se hari dalam genggaman ku..baca pun secara se pintas lalu aje.Malas nye nak baca instructions yang teramat detail sampai aku pun tak berapa nak paham..  ....hampir2 tak beli sebab  terlalu banyak yang nak di baca dan susah nak digest.. dan terlalu sikit gambar untuk support the too wordy instructions..,juga kerana Dear Hubby 's comment "semua dalam buku ni you dah tahu,tak payah lah beli ,duk men kayakan orang putih aje" Aha,aha,aha......

. Bab "semua dalam buku you dah tahu" i disagree lah kan..tapi yang komen selebih tu ....well maybe...hahaha

Anyway my 3 reasons for buying this book is:

a) The beautiful photos....very inspiring
b) The free patterns in the green envelope...at least template ni senang nak ikut,no flowery instructions
c) Just to pamper myself..well at least i have sold 10 bags before resorting to buy this book.A good reason to splurge a bit lah kan..

So after all that have been said,ini lah buku nye:

Friday, 8 April 2011

Some work done today on a hot frying Fry...day ..

Sara's cushions...fabric from IKEA.

And at the same time more white beddings in the making.

And not forgetting my first bag done in the new work station...a huge diaper bag for JULITAN SELAMAT.She is expecting her second baby due in Julai.

Quilted on the outside,8 pockets and magnetic snap button closure.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Welcoming all my BNFs,...blog needle friends... to my new work station.

If you have been following my blog you should know that i have been busy running around packing,unpacking,climbing ,installing ....so that is the reason i have been absent from my crafty space in the cyber for quite sometime.But do not despair...i am still around having lots of fun rebuilding my work base.Today  i am quite ready to share a few photos..

The main entrance.Shukrie is putting up my name plate,Gate zaman batu huhuhu
This is where i receive my guests and   discuss with my customers.
Same corner but at a different angle.Cosy n comfortable
This is a full view of my work station,my dear Im is busy arranging the sample books.There are 3 rooms on the right.
This is how the corner looks after arrangement.Some diaper stackers hung at the coat hanger.
These are the two cutting tables fully utilised by my two seamstress.This is Dear Hubby's  handwork 10 years ago.
Basically,my work station is a 3 bedded  single storey link house.It belongs to a customer of mine who became a close friend after 8 years of friendship.Ever since she moved to her new home 6 years ago,this house was left vacant.Since then i was harping at her ears to let me rent the place.My prayers were answered when she finally relented and handed me the keys on her return from UMRAH last week..

And so my journey into the curtain business continues from here on wards.

Will bring you round the place and update you more when things are better organized..