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Nykolett Interior Decor
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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Rosy chic

I just love roses .....this one is definitely for me.Ever since i got acquainted with Lisa Lam's tutorial on how to attached zips into bags here,my bags are all sewn with zippers.Yay!practise makes perfect and of course not forgetting zip making also takes up more materials which also hikes up the price of the bag too...

The roes flap has a magnetic snap button

The other side has a zipper pocket

Another zipper pocket on the inside with 2 elastic pockets,,pardon me for the bruised stitch...that is why i am keeping this bag...just having some fun at the zip making process..lalalala

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Dottie dots tote ...fully interfaced inside out...

A medium size all purpose bag measuring 11inch(ht) x 19 inch (width),magnetic snap button flap closure,one exterior zip pocket and one interior zip pocket.

One zip pocket at the exterior

One zip pocket on the interior and a magnetic snap button flap closure

Thursday, 5 July 2012

The soft curvy shape baby bag is complete ..

This bag is rich with pockets...5 on the outside and hmmmm...and about  4 on the inside.,perhaps...lost count..Anyway this pattern is based on Lisa Lam's pattern but i made a slight modification on the handles ...i didn't like the adjustable longish skinny strap as i don't look good in it..and included a bias at the top of the bag..merely to hide an accidental cut i made while busy snipping trying to reduce the bulkiness at the top seam....accidents happen all the time especially when the clock is ticking close to 12 midnight and i was super excited to get this bag done..i almost got it done at my workstation  earlier in the day but a senior lady customer took too much time deciding with fabric to choose for her bedroom..but i really enjoy her company..

I had so much fun constructing and sewing this bag .Lisa's tutorial is really super easy to digest,but mind you this pattern is not recomended for beginners..the flush zip pocket  and the slimline concealed top edge zip is not something you can accomplished without earlier practice.

Overall i think new mothers will like this roomy bag ..As for me i will bring it to the gym or to the swimming pool...kakakaka..

The accidental cut that calls for a detour from the original pattern...

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Fashionista Baby Bag....Lisa Lam

Since yesterday evening i was preoccupied flipping through my newly acquired bag making book...A BAG FOR ALL REASONS..by the talented bag making lady LISA LAM..As i am easily fascinated with big roomy bags ,i have chosen her fashionista baby bag to start the ball rolling.

I just need another session to wind up everything..Stay tune for my review and to view the finished product..