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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Cosmo bag sew along ..

Since it is going to be a long weekend i have so much time to spend in this small space of mine.Have been harping on FB almost the whole day.Reading every friends's status  but only commented a few which strike  common interest. Currently there is sew along on Amy Butler Cosmo Bag on Facebook among us GMJ(geng mesin jahit).As much as i want to join this crowd but somehow i was little put off by the rather short dateline..to be completed 31st.January...that would mean working throughout the long holiday week end.
I don't fancy that lor.,chinese new year maa...and for a mediocre person.... with a moderate knowledge and experience in bag making i might need more time.Hmmmm..which leads me to look back at my own venture into the same activity a couple months ago..

After completing 2 cosmo bags ,( the first was almost a disaster!)the experience is still fresh in my mind.I broke 3 needles on the first try as i used too thick interfacing.But it was fun after completion as the gigantic bag is so practical and spacious.. Just a recap of my work in May 2011...

My first attempt..it weighs a ton even with nothing inside..

A good house for my stash... as its too heavy to be carried around ...

Second attempt...more polish look,more lighter in weight but equally huge as the first one.....

Just adore the large side pockets..can snuggle my palm into them easily.This bag follows me every where...I love the space and pockets... 

Just look how roomy it is..
I am quite tempted to try more.Must improve my sewing skills and remember the steps.You will never know when you need them...but must try bright colors next time around....much confident now...it goes without saying..practice makes perfect..

Thursday, 19 January 2012

What color bag for CNY?

 Mandarin Orange...sneak peek of work in progress....

4 interior pockets 

2 exterior pockets

Side pockets on both sides with ribbon ties

Floral cotton is  from KAMDAR.,fabric for inner pockets are from NAGOYA
 and bright orange fabric is from recycled unused fitted sheet  bought from china many many years ago ..Never fancy bright colored  bed linens but just obliging a good friend.(May she rest in peace.AMEEN.)Anyway it looks hot with this floral diaper bag in the making. 

and i made small zippered pouch using Nadia's tutorial......

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I finally got the charm square jewel shaped bag done..

What took me so long was i had to redo the patchwork because i made a mistake by using left over fiber from past comforter project for the batting..It was too thick and had a hard time during turn over.Anyway i am using the spoiled patchwork as pattern piece for future charm square jewel shaped bag..Bless me..after this first try i think i will be better off later when piecing and choosing the right colors for the squares. By the way all my squares are self cut..am not happy as they don't really match at the ends..I need more practice in cutting..

I chose a polka dot lining and used interfacing and also made two side pockets with the same fabric  for the handles..Oh yes..I also used interfacing for the handles...don't fancy thin skinny handles...

I love making bags.They are quite easy to make (especially when its a free tutorial and you can digest the tutorial well) and don't take too much time completing.At the same time they are so functional..

Thank you Mila for having this sew along..Now i got a new pattern in my bag making project..

Monday, 9 January 2012

SIY (Sew It Yourself) Sew Along

I am in high spirits to join Mila's sew along project.You can visit and learn more about this SIY here.

Although i have not officially announced my participation at her blog but i kind of like to have some fun.Well the bag is gorgeous and for starters i have chosen my fabrics .And here they are....

These charm squares are going to be a Jewel Bag...like below...

Hope i will be able to follow the datelines ....this is going to be fun!

Friday, 6 January 2012

A bag for Nurulshafiza Noor...mil

Actually i was in the midst of doing this blue bag when i received an  e-mail from Nurul.How convenient.I just made the handle longer as her mil likes to shoulder the bag.She wanted a bag which is not too big /too small but can fit a koran,sejadah and telekung.The color was for me to choose..Not forgetting a pocket for a notebook and pen.And no zips she added...So here it is...Material for the outside is from IKEA while the interior plain are from ELYZA...

A large pocket on both sides with magnetic snap button

If you want more space just release the button..

3 large pockets on the front.

More pockets in the interior and a magnetic snap button for closure
And now i just need to do the sejadah muka to complete the set as per request.