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Thursday, 29 December 2011

I am on leave

only from my curtain making endeavors,and i have been making bags again these days....rindu nye buat beg..tak lah secantik mana bila dah jadi..cuma takut kalau dah lama tak buat  i might forget the steps..

First i made the main bag (big and boxy),quilted inside and interfaced on the outside...with 3 exterior pockets.

With snap button closure,then i realized that its too plain on the inside...as the interiors are without pockets...a bag is not a bag without pockets!

Since there are no pockets on the inside i made an organizer which  i  can snuggle neatly into the main bag.

With lots of pockets...puas hati dapat poket banyak

Letak pulak D rings on both sides..so senang lah kalau nak keluarkan dari the main bag..

And a zip closure....not so neat,..my first attempt at making this kind of zips..what do we call this kind of zip?..recessed zip ehh?

A point to remember,the organizer should be shorter in depth than the main bag...a good reduction to half the size of the main bag..I have done it wrongly.Mine is almost as high as the main bag..So with the organizer inside i am not able to utilize the magnetic snap button..But who needs them when i already have a 14 inch recessed zip...huhuhu..

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Multi purpose bag in blue roses.

This bag is quite big.It measures about 20 inch wide and 12 inch tall..A side pocket on each exterior side and one large pocket on the front .Three small pockets in the inside.There is a magnetic snap button as closure.I would love to try making conceal zips but this particular customer who is quite a senior lady just detest zips..She says she is always in a hurry and always on the  go .So she wants a bag which she can easily slip  fit her praying attire,a koran,her phone and a water bottle.A zipper closure will definitely take a few minutes of her time(and mine too..!).so a big no,no! Looks like she will utilise the bag to visit the mosque or surau.ehh!

Three small interior pockets

Side pockets
One large pocket( in big roses) on the front with a top flap... 

A closer view of the exterior pocket..i am holding up the flap.

By the way this bag is quilted on the outside and the lining inside is interfaced to give the sturdy look..The fabric is treated with scotch guard and tex guard..So curah lah air ke atas or kalau terkene stain cepat2 lap..tak akan meresap ke dalam...thats why i just adore ELYZA's fabrics..

Another point to remember when making quilted bags.. .... be sure to interface all round the lining inside to avoid sagging at the base when the bag is filled.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Hoarding polkadots

polka dots are great for pairing with any handmade projects..I like to collect cotton  polka dots in myriads of colors and they also come in varied prices..from RM3.00 a meter to RM24 per meter..
My daughter is hoarding fleece materials to make pouches for her sugar gliders.

And today another bag therapy...and of course in polka dots...

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Drawstring pouch

I was so bored doing curtains today .So i just let my hands go free and doodle with the massive amount of fabrics that i have collected for the past two months.I wanted to make something out of this trio..

But then,i thought a touch of green will do more justice to this cup of coffee fabric from KAMDAR..polka dot and green materials are from NAGOYA

Sekadar ingin melepaskan rindu terhadap aktiviti membuat bag.Tapi ape kan daya.Kalau mula buat beg mesti tak dapat disiapkan kerana tugasan lain yang bertimbun..jadik lah buat drawstring pouch dengan mengopi tutorial disini.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Am missing this small cyber space..

A month has passed ..Has it been that long ?.How i miss making bags.Untill i get through some rough times at my work station this space is going to be a little bit lonesome ....