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Nykolett Interior Decor
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Thursday, 29 November 2012

The bag is complete now with a baby quilt

Actually i made the baby bag to fit  a pillow and 2 bolsters.Somehow i felt something was missing and end up making the quilt as well...

Monday, 19 November 2012

The baby bag to fit 2 bolsters and one pillow...

After some feedback from my customers there were some requests for a smaller bag just to fit 2 bolsters and just 1 pillow...no blanket this time around...
2 bolsters and 1 pillow..

Zippered pocket on the front
2 p0ckets with flaps and velcro on the front

Side pockets on both sides with flaps
Magnetic snap button on both sides

The bag is quilted on the exterior and fully interfaced on the inside even  pockets with flaps and zip are fully lined with stiff material.The side pockets have magnetic snap button if the need arise to reduce the size of the bag to carry baby clothes and diapers instead of the pillows.There are six interior pockets and 4 outer pockets with flaps and one zippered pocket on the front.Material is light cotton from Dchomel ,Taman Melawati...
Size of bag:12 inch height,16 inc wide,7.5 inch gusset
Price: 2 bolsters and one pillow -RM55.
Price:Diaper Bag RM120..