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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Same roses in plain green lining and smaller in size..

These bags are so easy to make and sellable.. After spending half the day cutting curtain materials i like to sneak into my own room and indulge into some reading.And my latest obsession is of course books on bag making.And this blog is focus entirely on my adventure into bag making..I like to make simple structured bag especially when demand is high among my customers.But one thing for sure the roses in heavy cotton has been an all time favourite among friends and clients.And since they are all selling so cheaply they are always up for grabs.But when i introduce a zip and increase the price slightly ,customers will complain and i will end up selling bags with zips at an equally same price as those without them..Haish!So better keep it simple and make everybody happy....

Sunday, 24 July 2011

More roomy bags..

This time with frills on the front outer pocket..

I keep making the same boxy bags but each time i make a bag i will try to put  new things that i pick up from the various craft blogs in the internet. This time is the frills on the pocket.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Good thing i started this blog...

now i have more space to document my works.More bags in the making.I have one senior lady customer who loves to tote all the bags i made and surprisingly she can sell them in a jiffy..Looks like i have to make at least 2 bags i n a day.Just simple bags with thin interfacing,some pockets and snap magnetic button closure.A two hour job..simple and easy to make,selling cheaply...Miss Pink Polka Dot.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

When i am down and troubled ........

i like to keep myself busy hoping that all the knots in my head will untie on its own...wakakakakaka.Too bad they are all still intact but i now have two new bags by 12 noon today... my busyness  has really paid off...These beauties sure manage to lift my spirit up for a while.
Miss Purple Lady

2 side pockets and a purple rose.

One inner pocket with lace embellish

Miss Rose Blue

2 inner pockets at the sides and snap button closure

My office closed early today at 3pm to enable me to attend a wedding solemnization for my sil.at Masjid ArRiduan Ulu Kelang at 5.30pm this evening.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Project abandoned..

One of my staff will be starting her maternity leave as at tomorrow..I was hoping she could complete the comforter that she has been working on  but too bad ..looks like i will be taking over the job..Its at the stage of attaching the ruffles on the 4 sides.But of course it needs to be hand -stitch first before going through the machine.Quite tedious job.

Lucky the white comforter was ready on time,thanx to Shima's involvement.

I hope i will get extra help in a week or two..just to manage the 2 months before Aidil Fitri.But i guess every seamstress already have their hands full ...Still hoping an praying hard for a miracle..