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Nykolett Interior Decor
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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tab cozy and a tote

I carry a small sling bag when i am on the go...just to accomodate my heavy wallet (ahem,ahem),hand set and bundle of keys...house keys,office keys and car keys...so i made a small tote for my tab,hand set and chargers...yes i know i heard you...why don't i just make a big bag to accomodate every thing...The answer is because i don't carry my tab( it is heavy) around..haha...strictly for office use.So a simple tote i made this morning...

The tab cozy is quilted for the extra protection...The tote is lightly interfaced

Friday, 22 February 2013

La petit sac...

This small lovely tote measures 8 inch x 8.5 inch with 2 inch gusset ,2 inch  base..and two handles measuring 15 inch..

Fabric is light weight cotton from belleboo...Dchomel

This bag is practical if you are in a rush to the grocery to pick up an urgent ingredient while in a midst of trying a favorite recipe in the kitchen.It can accomodate  a wallet,a handset and your keys...This size bag is a must have..This particular one has reached its owner.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Pockets aplenty

I like making huge bags with large expandable pockets,but after a long break from bag makings,the process just slip away .So i make it a point to make at least one bag a week..even that is hard to come by as my hands are full with my curtain and bedding business.But being passionate in sewing,i will always find the time for this little indulgement.