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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Triangular straight edge pouch...

Here comes MAY....nice day to start blogging...If any of you been following my rambles from years back....i love making bags and pouches besides making curtains and other soft furnishing for interiors.Since daughter took over my curtain business in KUALA LUMPUR..,and i have moved to this small village in TERENGGANNU,i am focussing on small crafts to sew..The reason being i have only my NV50BROTHER to walk me through any sewing projects..As i will be here for a very short time,its not economical to bring all my beautiful machines here..

Yesterday i managed to complete this cosmetic pouch..I have incoporated the straight edge triangular pouch with the roll brush kit..I have been making these two pouches separately for quite sometime..after several trials and errors ,i finally picked up the courage to combine them both..

Denim fabric is from Daiso,polka dots from spotlight and the flap is japanese cotton from CJELITA

When folded it measures 8 inch(width) × 5 inch(height)

Its sunday here and a working day...Looking forward for tommorow to do my morning walk at the beach..Managed to capture some photos of people fishing this evening....i think they will be here throughout the night...


  1. Cantiknya beg... pelbagai guna gitu.

    Seronoklah duduk kat luar KL, dpt tengok pantai, mkn ikan segar hihihi.. dan yg penting bole menjahit sesuka hati... happy sewing kak

  2. Thanx mila....semua segar sini....badan pun dah mengembang...adeh!!